Correction Center

Visitation Rules & Regulations

  • Visiting hours are as follows:
    • General population, Friday and Sunday 7 pm to 9 pm.
    • Female and work release, Tuesday 7 pm to 9 pm. Visits will be 20 minutes but may be limited to 10 minutes due to overcrowding or other compelling circumstances.
  • Inmates get 1 friend visit per visitation session. Friend must be 18 or older, or accompanied by an adult.
  • The family visit must be immediate family only, consisting of Parents, Stepparents, Parents in-law, Siblings, Siblings in-law, Grandparents, Children, Stepchildren, Aunt, Uncle.
  • No visits are allowed for anyone on active probation, parole, or who have been incarcerated at the Beadle County Regional Correctional Center within the past year.
  • All visitors must register with jailer prior to visiting.
  • A particular visit may be denied or terminated and visiting privileges suspended under the following circumstances:
    • Visitor is under influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Insufficient space is available
    • Visitor refuses a pat search
    • The visitor refuses or fails to produce sufficient ID or falsifies ID information
    • Failing to prevent children from disturbing other persons in visiting room
  • All personal items will be left in the vehicle or control room.
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed inside.
  • No tobacco products, lighters, matches, cellular phones, pagers, food or beverages are allowed inside.

Inmate Telephone Procedures

Inmates of the Beadle County Jail have access to a telephone from 8 am to 10 pm each day. The calls are "Collect" from the person that is calling you. You do not have to accept the calls. You may also have a block put on your phone so that you cannot receive calls from the jail. If you wish to have a block on your phone, please call the Sheriff's Office and they can call the Jail Phone System and have that done. If you cannot accept phone calls from an inmate on your home phone, the inmates can purchase a calling card from the Sheriff's Office, cards are sold in increments of $10 for 20 minutes.

General Information

The Beadle County Regional Correctional Center houses inmates from six counties. Food Service, recreation, and laundry services are available to the inmates.

Current programs available to the inmates include Work and School release, Mental Health, Drug Counseling along with A.A. and Religious Services.

The Beadle County Regional Correctional Center is a 62-bed facility with an average daily population of 32.

The Beadle County Regional Correctional Center employs 9 full-time staff.