It is the obligation of the Sheriff's Office to maintain law and order within the County. We perform many duties within our office. We pursue all active warrants and other process from the Court. We also handle the civil process for Beadle County, issue all pistol permits, and do NIBRS reporting to the Attorney General's Office in Pierre. We also provide law enforcement services to Iroquois, Yale, Cavour, Lake Bryon, Hitchcock, Bonilla, Broadland, Wolsey, Wessington, Virgil, and all points in between.

Within the Beadle County Correction Center, the Sheriff's Office is responsible for the administration of the Adult Jail and the Juvenile Detention Center. We house prisoners for Beadle County, the City of Huron, and several of the surrounding counties we are contracted with.

Police Precinct

Conceal Carry

  •    Our concealed carry application for REGULAR permits.  The following information needs to accompany the application:
  • This permit can be downloaded and completed by the applicant.  
  •    The application must be brought to our office - in person - by the applicant (can not accept through US mail or electronically) before the background check can be initiated.  
  •    After returning the completed application, the verification process will begin - which takes about 24 hours.  
  •     After 24 hours, applicants with an approved background check may return to our office to sign the temporary permit and pay the fee.  If there is a question on the background check, it may take longer than 24 hours to process.  Approved applicants will be given a temporary concealed permit.  The State of SD will mail the permanent permit within 30 days.

Conceal Carry Application
Conceal Carry Pamphlet-Front
Conceal Carry Pamphlet-Back