Recording Fees

Fees charged by the Register of Deeds are generally set by the state legislature. The majority of the monies collected are deposited into the county general fund. These fees are used to offset the costs of providing services to customers that use this office. Since the primary funding source for providing services to county citizens comes from property taxes, it is necessary to charge these "user fees". This is one of the few county government offices that has the ability to alleviate some of the costs associated with providing vital services from the property tax payer to the actual user of that office.

  1. Liens
  2. Uniform Commercial Codes
  3. Fictitious Names
  4. Real Estate
  5. Vital Records
  6. Miscellaneous
Item Current Fees Copy Fees
Federal Tax Liens $20 $1 per page
Federal Tax Lien Information Request
other Than Written Form
$15 $1 per page
Hospital Lien $30 $1 per page
Notice of Project Commencement   $1 per page
Partial Release Federal Tax Lien $20 $1 per page
Release of Federal Tax Lien $20 $1 per page
Release of Hospital Lien No Charge $1 per page
Release of Tax Lien No Charge $1 per page
Release of Unemployment No Charge $1 per page
State Tax Liens No Charge $1 per page
Unemployment Lien No Charge $1 per page